Nancy Ann Crowley Bio

Nancy Ann CrowleyNancy Ann Crowley, born in Chicago, Ill., comes from a family of writers and artists. Her father was a professor of art from the Art Institute of Chicago and was her mentor growing up. Nancy Ann began painting at 6 years old. Her earliest remembrances were sketching and painting next to her father in his studio and attending his artist’s receptions. “My father was very encouraging and patient with me, knowing it takes time, maturity and education to become a great artist”, says Nancy Ann. Throughout her education, Nancy Ann won many awards with her artwork.

Nancy Ann received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University Stanislaus. At that time, she was selected to have her artwork remain in the permanent art collection of the college. She continues to be inspired by the following artists: Caravaggio, for his dramatic use of light (chiaroscuro) to experience emotion, J.M.W. Turner for the intensity of hue to represent the evanescent light, Van Gogh for his brutally honest depiction of life and his fearless use of color in his art and Arthur T. Waugh, her father, for his teaching, patience, belief in her art, and his brilliance as an abstract expressionist.

Nancy Crowley Painting Vase with LiliesAfter moving to Europe, she continued her artistic endeavors while also teaching painting and drawing in the public and private sectors. She exhibited her art in several galleries in Stuttgart, Germany.

Nancy Ann says, “The two loves of my life are my family and my art.” Today, Nancy Ann lives in beautiful San Jose, Calif. with her daughter, Megann, and husband John Kevin. She continues to travel to Europe with her family, discovering and exploring the cities along the Mediterranean and the Adriatic.

Italy is a favorite of Nancy Ann’s to paint and sketch the beauty of the land. Nancy Ann believes that there is no better way to express the feelings and emotions of the subject matter than thru the use of vibrant color. She continues to exhibit her art and participate in international art competitions. “I am honored and delighted to share my artwork. My travels have been emotional and exciting and have been the quest of recording these very beautiful and fragile cities. I am always awestruck with the beauty of these cities, their patina on the walls of the buildings, the aging wooden doors, the fragrant flowers cascading down from the well cared window gardens and the various landscapes, especially of Tuscany and Umbria. The beauty is impossible to articulate, yet, I always try thru my painting, to share the heart stopping beauty of these places. My artwork reflects a sense of peace and calm, a place of repose. It brings you to those magical places, giving you a sense of calm and reassurance that all is well in life. This is surely not found in our lives today that are constantly being besieged by high tech devices and the requirements of modern day survival. My collectors continually tell me that they are transported to an experience of calming peace, a wanting to escape to these locations, as a place of refuge."

Today, Nancy Ann’s masterpieces can be found in various galleries and in private and corporate collections in the United States, Japan, Italy and Kuwait.

All images are hand-embellished by the artist.